Know lighting in a way that you are ready for any situation


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An online membership where I guide photographers that aren't comfortable with lighting in a simple and consistent way of learning so that they can shoot images creatively and with confidence, being ready for any lighting situation


Knowledgable guide

Justin Clemons has nearly 20 years of experience in photography.  He has shot for WSJ, Forbes, TIME, Nike, HGTV, Dolce & Gabbana, Discover, among others.  He will guide you in an easy to understand and consistent manner

Weekly Content

You will have weekly content through tutorials, BTS videos, expert interviews, photo-shoot guides and layouts, implementations and constructive critiques

Amazing Community

We will have an amazing community that will encourage and move you along this journey.  We will help each other get unstuck, suggest ideas you haven't thought of, and challenge you to reach your full potential.

Overwhelmed with all the junk out there?

You will learn lighting in a slow and consistent way of learning, through every aspect of photography lighting.  Justin will be available for questions when you get stuck or overwhelmed.

Do you want to stand out?

Justin will teach you lighting in a way that allows you to be comfortable and confident, being able to focus on your creativity.  You will no longer only have one "go to" lighting set up, but you will be able to let your concept guide your lighting, having a multitude of ways to get your visual stories across.  

Be able to walk into any location and know how to get beautiful images

Never again are you overwhelmed and nervous about the bad available light in any location. You know how to control the light and will be able to create intriguing images in any situation.

Member Interviews

I interview two members (Vi and Carl) about the class


"This has been so incredibly awesome and an invaluable tool."


"I appreciate how relatable you are. You have a way of simplifying things to where lighting doesn’t seem so unachievable."


"This has been the best investment I’ve made to help advance my technical photography skills."


"This was an awesome one! I used it and it works like magic! - referring to “Matching Tungsten Light” tutorial"


"The community and opportunity for feedback from people who know what they are talking about is so valuable and worth admission on its own. Not to mention the tutorials and expert interviews."


"In the past, if my first few shots were coming out bad, it would through me in a tizzy. I’d feel embarrassed and overwhelmed. Now, I think through what I know and have learned and confidently make the proper adjustments to my lights."


"Love it! Great opportunity and amazing teacher!"

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